For anyone who has moved into a new place, going around the place and getting a feel of it will be on the top of their priority list. After coming to Los Angles I was also waiting eagerly for the opportunity to go around the city and experience it. The visit to Malibu was my first planned outing after coming here. This was kind of planned even before coming to the US. And again thanks to facebook that this happened. As most of FB users know that we have a page for every damn thing and for that matter even for the dialogues that come in tamil movies, we did have a page for students who are joining the USC for the Fall 2012 term. It did not stop with this and there was a page created for students from Tamil Nadu who are joining USC this fall. And this is where the initiative for this trip was taken and now it is a thing of the past. Facebook brought us together within a page and all we did was little chats with each other discussing their travel plans, course plans and other related stuff. But credit should go to Vijey Kumar, who did manage to bring us all together physically. Vijey was not someone who was about to join USC this term. He is an alumnus of USC and has graduated a year ago and is currently working in Los Angeles. Vijey joined this page to make some new friends and he was the one who planned for a get together. The initial plan was to meet for lunch at some place but later he suggested that we go out somewhere. This is how this Malibu trip took shape and it did turn out to be one amazing trip. The lunch also did happen after the trip with some more people joining for the lunch.

We started around 8 in the morning with plans to return back at 12 in the noon for lunch. The mode of transport is in fact cars. Vijey brought his car and we rented another car, which was driven by Vijey’s friend Gigo (pronounced as Jijo). This was the first time I was travelling in American freeways and the traffic here is really fast, having different lanes for different speed levels. The flow of traffic was very orderly, with hardly any usage of the horns by everyone on the road. But apparently the traffic behaviour in Los Angeles is supposedly worse compared to other parts of the US. I haven’t been to the other parts as yet, but this is what I heard from some people over here. Both the drivers didn’t know the travel route and had to depend on the GPS and the technology did really come in handy and was precise in guiding us to the destination.

Malibu is a place located close to the city of Los Angeles along the pacific coast. It is a hilly terrain adjoining the coast. The first stop was at a temple popularly known as the Malibu temple. Though it is an Indian temple, Tamil is the common language among the people who run the temple and temple houses almost all the common Indian deities. They don’t allow you to light camphor or break a coconut in the temple premises.

The temple was followed by the Malibu beach which is located very close by. The beach is serving as a host to a wide variety activities that include swimming, surfing, volley ball, yachting and even rock climbing due to the presence of hills very close to the coast. The activities aren’t restricted to the sands and the waters of the beach but also extend to the roads close to the beach. Cycling is such a common sight on the roads along the coast with people bringing their cycles in cars to the coast just to cycle for fun. One also gets to see men in Harley Davidson racing along these roads. Though the trip was of a short duration we did end up enjoying it as it was the first outing for most of us after landing here in the US.

We returned to the University Park area for our lunch at an Indian restaurant call “Manas”. Most of us made full use of the buffet lunch. The actual plan was supposed to end here but Gigo invited us to his house just for a chat. This informal chat lasted until 9 in the night for at least a few of us and it also included the showing of “Johny English Reborn”. Gigo is an MS Bio-medical student and Vijey is also a graduate in the same discipline. Gigo organized a small informal meeting for the new students who are joining the bio-medical stream to brief them about the courses and answering any queries they had in their mind. I and my roommates just sat through the meeting and got to know something about the academic system over here. Though people take up only 3 courses this semester, it seems they end up breaking their heads and working like anything if they need to get some good grades. The meeting came to conclusion with Gigo’s handmade brownie. That guy is really a pro in that and the brownie did complete my dinner.

The day turned out to be a really good one and as I am writing this there is a post there is already there in FB planning for a trip to Long Beach. This time i am sure that the number of people who are coming is surely going to increase.


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  1. raj

    Happy to read your writings. Good flow.

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